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Hi, I'm Aaron Wislang. You can find me online on:

The artist formerly known as Twitter (deprecated): @as_w
Threads: @aaronw.dev
Bluesky: @aaronw.dev
Mastodon, from time to time: @asw@mastodon.social
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaron-wislang/
Discord: @as_w on aka.ms/open-source-discord
GitHub: @asw101
Web: aaronmsft.com
Web: aaronw.dev
Signal: aaron.11
WhatsApp: Ping me and I'll add you!

I am a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft with a focus on Open Source, Cloud Native & Go. I have over 15 years experience across software development, distributed systems, and security. I currently live in Toronto, Canada with my wife and our two boys, and I occasionally manage to combine three of my favorite things by taking photographs outdoors while drinking coffee.