Goodbye AmpliFi, Hello Eeero

I have been a relatively happy AmpliFi HD user since October 2017.

It solved the problem I had, which was punching my Wi-Fi through indoor walls, and provided a great, no-hassle, experience via its app.

Many of my colleagues and friends in tech use Ubiquiti Pro gear (inc, UniFi) and I haven't heard a bad word about it.

When Xbox Cloud Gaming came out, I suspect it was the Wi-Fi that couldn't keep up, because the moment I switched to ethernet it was rock solid.

However, recently, I started to experience an issue where we'd have random "pauses" in the internet, usually lasting only seconds. I updated the firmware, did various troubleshooting, and even wrote some Go code to monitor the connectivity via continuous attempts to download a file from a CDN I had setup.

I did some troubleshooting with their support, but it was inconclusive. I was even convinced I might have turned off the MeshPoint for a bit. And the issue continued.

When another colleague at Microsoft mentioned theirs was having the same issue, I decided to swap it out the same day.

I would still consider AmpliFi again, but I had been eyeing the Amazon Eero for awhile, and decided it was probably reasonable option. They had the Eero 6 Plus on sale, so I ordered a couple.

It arrived the next day and perhaps 7 minutes after opening the box I was up and running with the first, and roughly the same for the second, followed by a brief firmware update.

Eero had zero issues. It is blazing fast. Problem solved. The jury is still out on eero Plus, but I'll have a follow-up on that at some point before the trial ends!