Here is my markdown editor wishlist.

PC & Mobile

I need an editor that works well across PC and mobile and mobile.

So far Ulysses and iA Writer do a good job of this, despite the fact I have to stay in the Apple ecosystem for Ulysses. and I'd rather pay a single subscription for iA Writer than have to pay for it per-platform.

Web is next on my list, but I don't know of any decent markdown editors with a good story for web. I'd love if GitHub invested deeply in markdown editing for content.

Cloud Storage & API

I want my markdown documents to be stored on a platform that provide API access.

iCloud simply doesn't cut it because I can't access iCloud in an automated way. It also locks us into the Apple ecosystem once again.

I own my content. I want to be able to access it from other devices, using other workflows, for integrations and automation.

Today, the closest thing we have is a "Publish" workflow that can post to an API accessible platform like Wordpress or Ghost, but it isn't enough in a day where we pick a single tool to do all our writing in and might want something like an AI-enabled platform to be able to go through content we've written.

I can see a world where I might be able to sync my markdown content to a Git repo, where something like GitHub Actions would be able to run automation over my content.


Search should be responsive at all times. Performance shouldn't drop off over N documents.

The ability to link to a specific document, either as a deep link from other applications, or from within the editor itself, is a huge advantage.

I'm still hopeful!