Passkeys are Magic

PSA: Passkeys are magic. You should try them.

I've been using them in 1Password as my cross-platform solution for passkeys. They did an excellent job of communicating their value early on.

Apple began to support them with iOS 16 which helped them gain traction.

On the server-side, I've been exploring open source platforms like hanko.

I recently started enabling passkeys in GitHub, Google, Cloudflare, and it has been incredibly seamless.

Prior to this I had been stuck between the security of physical hardware keys (which I still maintain for backup purposes), and the middle ground of storing two-factor credentials in 1Password for convenience. I considered the latter better than SMS, more convenient than having an authentication app tied only to a phone, and safer than relying on a single device or having to remember to enable backups, etc. But passkeys strike a very good balance and the user experience is exceptional.