Join my Subs--Superqueue, Blog In Your Inbox, Mailing List... actually, nevermind.

It seems like every other person wants to create a newsletter these days.

Something that was a blog first, and potentially enable notifications via email would more likely be a newsletter first these days.

Paid newsletters proliferate. I do pay for newsletters as a way to support the work of some of my favorite writers.

Ghost, particularly Ghost Pro, is very geared to this use case. My use case is primarily content, so I've turned almost all of that off.

That said, the embeddable sign-up form still works. So I'm including it here. I don't know what I'll use it for if people sign up. Maybe if you do, I'll send you a newsletter!

Update: Just kidding. This form won't work. I disabled the sign-up features because the default Ghost theme, Casper, which I like a lot, will put a Subscribe form on every post and doesn't have a way to turn it off without editing the theme. It doesn't seem to be possible to use only the embeddable form and/or newsletter capability without having it front-and-centre on the website.