OK, Google...

How long does it take to get a new domain fully indexed in Google these days? Let's find out!

I registered this domain, aaronw.dev, way back on June 10th, 2020.

I was already writing elsewhere on aaronmsft.com, and I never did anything with it until I started using it as my handle on Bluesky (@aaronw.dev), which I thought was a really great feature, and I subsequently used did the same thing on Threads (@aaronw.dev), where it isn't used as any kind of verification but they do happen to allow dots in handles.

Finally, around November 11th, 2023, I decided to point this domain at an instance of Ghost (Pro), rather than take my usual static site route with Hugo.

I submitted a sitemap, updated some of my social profiles to point to my landing page at aaronw.dev/hello/, and it began to appear in search results within 3-5 days. But so far, only the home page, aaronw.dev, aaronw.dev/hello/, and aaronw.dev/posts/ have been indexed.

Let's see how long it takes for the others to come online!

Update (11 December 2023): One more URL, Subscribe!, appeared in the search results.

Update (26 December 2023): There are now 10 results appearing in the search results.